We gratefully acknowledge the artwork of Glynn Gorick featured on the front page of the JModels website, and also Kate Davis and Elaine Betteridge for other featured artwork. We are grateful to Robert H. Rohde (GlobalWarmingArt) and other Wikipedia heroes for producing and making publicly available their wonderful images. We thank IGBP for permission to use the copyrighted image on the front page.

These models have been developed over a number of years, with assistance from Stephanie Castle, Lawrence Burns, Emilie Galley, Mark Cheeseman, Alan Bice and others.

Converting these models into Java was funded by grants from Southampton University, the World Universities Network and the UK Natural Environment Research Council.


Artist work:

Glynn Gorick's Other Work

Java Code:

Michael Thomas Flanagan's Java Scientific Library.

The carbon model makes use of carbonate chemistry routines written by Richard Zeebe and Wolf-Gladrow