PAP outputs

All data from PAP-SO are available for the public to use, and can be accessed in various forms and from several sources.


Articles in scientific journals can be found on the Publications page.

Current live data

Live or near real-time data are available within a few hours of capture; factory calibrations and any pre-deployment corrections are applied to the graphs.

View the Current live data.

Time series data

Historic data are available in several formats.

View the Time series archive.

Sensors data are corrected using factory calibrations, and where possible a second correction/validation obtained. This validation step is done by comparing the recovered data, corrected CTD profiles or wet chemistry analysis. The results are ingested into BODC’s database and are available in the MEDIN Portal –

All water column samples, once analysed, are available on the BODC site –

All Benthic sample data are available through:

Alternatively, data are available through Oceansites.