We currently aim to visit the PAP-SO every year to carry out field sampling and observation, to recover instruments and data from the moorings, and to service the moorings for redeployment.

Each cruise generates a report which summarises events, details of methods used, and catalogues of samples collected. We encourage all potential PAP-SO data users to consult these reports to gain a full insight into the context of the data they may use. Links to the reports are provided via the British Oceanographic Data Centre cruise inventory (BODC) and the Natural Environment Research Council Open Research Archive (NORA) where available.

Principal scientistVesselCruise No.DatesLink to report
Andrew GatesRRS James CookJC24705 May – 22 May 2023BODC or NORA
Sue HartmanRRS James CookJC23101 May – 19 May 2022BODC or NORA
Sue HartmanRRS DiscoveryDY13025 Mar – 14 Apr 2021BODC or NORA
Andrew GatesRRS DiscoveryDY11610 Nov – 26 Nov 2020BODC or NORA
Sue HartmanRRS DiscoveryDY10321 Jun – 09 Jul 2019BODC or NORA
Henry RuhlRRS James CookJC16519 May – 12 Jun 2018BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS DiscoveryDY07714 Apr – 01 May 2017BODC or NORA
Mark StinchcombeRRS DiscoveryDY05017 Apr – 08 May 2016BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS DiscoveryDY03220 Jun – 08 Jul 2015BODC or NORA
Richard LampittFS MeteorM10804 Jul – 24 Jul 2014BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS James CookJC08731 May – 18 Jun 2013BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS James CookJC08514 Apr – 29 Apr 2013BODC or NORA
Henry RuhlRRS DiscoveryD377/805 Jul – 27 Jul 2012BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS James CookJC07129 Apr – 12 May 2012BODC or NORA
Henry RuhlRRS James CookJC06224 Jul – 29 Aug 2011BODC or NORA
Jon CampbellRV Celtic ExplorerCE1000516 Sep – 24 Sep 2010BODC or NORA
Richard LampittRRS James Clark RossJR22126 May – 05 Jun 2010BODC or NORA
Richard SandersRRS DiscoveryD34108 Jul – 13 Aug 2009BODC or eprints
Richard LampittRV Celtic ExplorerCE071619 Jun – 25 Jun 2007BODC or eprints
Peter BurkillRRS DiscoveryD30623 Jun – 09 Jul 2006BODC
Richard LampittRRS DiscoveryD29614 Jul – 23 Jul 2005BODC or eprints
Richard LampittRRS Charles DarwinCD15815 Jun – 28 Jun 2004BODC or eprints
Thomas MüllerFS PoseidonPO30623 Nov – 12 Dec 2003BODC
Richard LampittFS PoseidonPO300-104 Jul – 16 Jul 2003BODC or eprints
Monty PriedeRRS DiscoveryD26627 Sep – 24 Oct 2002BODC
Martin CollinsRRS DiscoveryD25015 Sep – 10 Oct 2000BODC
David BillettRRS ChallengerCH14219 Apr – 19 May 1999BODC
Myriam SibuetRRS DiscoveryD23725 Sep – 08 Oct 1998BODC or eprints
Anthony RiceRRS DiscoveryD23128 Feb – 30 Mar 1998BODC or eprints
David BillettRRS ChallengerCH13515 Oct – 30 Oct 1997BODC or eprints
Brian BettRRS DiscoveryD22902 Jul – 31 Jul 1997BODC or eprints
Anthony RiceRRS DiscoveryD22612 Mar – 10 Apr 1997BODC or eprints
Anthony RiceRRS DiscoveryD22229 Aug – 24 Sep 1996BODC or eprints
Brian BettRRS ChallengerCH11129 Mar – 25 Apr 1994BODC or eprints
Richard LampittRRS Charles DarwinCD7229 Aug – 11 Sep 1992eprints
Anthony RiceRRS ChallengerCH7912 May – 03 Jun 1991BODC or eprints
Anthony RiceRRS DiscoveryD18518 Aug – 17 Sep 1989BODC or eprints
Howard RoeRRS ChallengerCH8/8625 Nov – 18 Dec 1986BODC or eprints
Michael ThurstonRRS ChallengerCH6A/8513 Jun – 28 Jun 1985BODC or eprints