The PAP telemetry mooring was deployed early on 7th October 2002 during RV Discovery cruise D266.

Unfortunately the top 150m of the mooring became detached on 10/12/2002. The telemetry kit continued transmitting data from some of the Microcat sensors and regularly giving positional data. The equipment was recovered by RV Triton an 1st March 2003.

The equipment functioned as a float buoy while it was adrift, and that data can be viewed here.

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Read the notes on data quality here.

After recovery, data were archived at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) and can be accessed at: BODC PAP Collection, and temperature, salinity, conductivity and pressure data can be retrieved in user selected formats from the BODC ERDDAP service.


Graph of Temperatures at various depths


Graph of Salinity at various depths


Graph of Sigma-t at various depths

Temperature Profile

Graph of Temperature profile

Salinity Profile

Graph of Salinity profile

Sigma-t Profile

Graph of Sigma-t Profile

Delayed Mode Data

Recovered in July 2003 on Cruise Poseidon 300/1

Microcat Sn 2486 Attached to Sensor Frame


Graph of Temperature


Graph of Salinity


Graph of Pressure

Nitrate (corrected)

Graph of corrected Nitrate sensor data

Nitrate (corrected)

Graph of corrected Nitrate sensor data


Graph of Pressure at various depths


Graph of nutrient analysis

The NCEP/NCAR CDAS/Reanalysis Project makes a large amount of data available on the web, some of which are plotted here

Temperature (NCEP)

Comparing Temperature from NCEP with PAP

Surface Heat Flux (NCEP)

Graph of NCEP Surface Heat Flux

Wind at 10m (NCEP)

Graph of NCEP Wind Speed