May 2009 – The Research vessel RSS James Cook (JC034T) deployed a test mooring at the PAP site.

This deployment collected some scientific data, but the primary purpose of the deployment was to test and collect engineering data concerning the redesigned mooring and its behaviour. The full observatory is due to be deployed in June/July.

After recovery, data were archived at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) and can be accessed at: BODC PAP Collection. Please use the search term Porcupine or #5192 to find our data.

31 July 2009

Despite heroic efforts from the team on board RRS Discovery (D341) it has proved to be impossible to reconfigure the mooring. Sadly it has been decided to not redeploy the PAP observatory during this cruise.

20 July 2009

Weather in the PAP area has been very variable and the work schedule is being constantly amended. The intention is to recover the current trial mooring as soon as weather and the rest of the science program permits. The data collected will be secured and the mooring inspected for problems such as any undue wear.

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Graph of Temperatures at various depths


Graph of Salinity at various depths


Graph of Sigma-t at various depths

Temperature Profile

Temperature plotted against depth

Salinity Profile

Salinity plotted against depth

Sigma-t Profile

Sigma-t plotted against depth



ISUS Nitrate

ISUS Nitrate


Graph of pressures from various microcats