June 2007 – A redesigned mooring was successfully deployed at the PAP site from the vessel Celtic Explorer (CE0716). The graphs below show the real-time data received.

After recovery, data were archived at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) and can be accessed at: BODC PAP Collection. Please use the search term Porcupine or #5192 to find our data.

5 September 2007

It has just been reported that the adrift part of the PAP observatory, with all sensors down to 1000m, had been successfully recovered by the research ship Pelagia. Many thanks to the science team and deck crew for their efforts. The recovered parts will be examined to determine the cause of the failure.

9 August 2007

The mooring has moved off station and appears to be drifting at about 1km/hr. The sensor package at 30m is still attached to the surface mooring.

30 July 2007

The inductive data link connecting the sensors to the satelite transmission system has been deteriorating for some days and data is now only being received sporadically.


Graph of Temperatures at various depths


Graph of Salinity at various depths


Graph of Sigma-t at various depths

Temperature Profile

Temperature plotted against depth

Salinity Profile

Salinity plotted against depth

Sigma-t Profile

Sigma-t plotted against depth

Mooring Position

Mooring position


Graph of pressures from various microcats