The graphs below were generated in near-real time from data transmitted via satellite from the PAP-1 buoy. Click on any image to see a larger version. These data have had some simple quality control measures applied in an attempt to remove spikes and invalid data. In some cases additional calibrations have been applied to the biogeochemical sensor data.


Other data were recorded aboard the mooring but were not transmitted in near-real time. After recovery, these data will be archived at the British Oceanographic Data Centre and can be accessed at: BODC PAP Collection.  Please use the search term Porcupine or #5192 to find our data.

We are also starting to make these data available through the BODC ERDDAP service. To see the full time series, makes sure to set the 'start time' to the earliest possible date (by default only the latest data are shown).

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Date and time of receipt of latest data

Instrument data telemetered from the PAP-1 buoy

Temperature and Salinity

Surface Temperature

Graph of Surface Temperature - all microcats

Surface Salinity

Graph of Surface Salinity - all microcats

30m Temperature

Graph of 30m Temperature - all microcats

30m Salinity

Graph of 30m Salinity - all microcats

Temperature at 1m and 30m

Graph of Temperatures from oxygen microcats

Salinity at 1m and 30m

Graph of Salinity from oxygen microcats


Oxygen at 1m and 30m (Seabird)

Graph of Oxygen at surface

Oxygen at 1m (Aanderaa)

Aanderaa sensor Oxygen at surface

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide at 1 m

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide at 30 m

Carbon Dioxide on sensor frame

Carbon Dioxide in air

Carbon Dioxide in air

Pro-oceanus GTD-Pro at 30m

Pro-Oceanus TDGP at 30m


Chlorophyll-a at 30m (Wetlabs)

Chlorophyll-a : Wetlabs


Nitrate at 30m (SUNA)

SUNA Nitrate at 30m

Surface Irradiance

Irradiance 1

Irradiance 1 (30m)

Irradiance 3

Irradiance 3 (surface)

MetOffice UK Meteorological Data

PAP is part of the MetOffice network of weather buoys, click here to view the full network.

Air Pressure

Met Office Air Pressure


Met Office Humidity data


Met Office Temperatures plotted with NCEP

Wind Speed

Met Office Wind data

Wind Vectors

Met Office Wind data as arrows

Mooring Position

Mooring Position

Mooring position

Last 7 days Track

Last 7 days Mooring track

Surface Pressure

Graph of pressures from surface

Mooring Position from Met Iridium Transmitter

Mooring position

PAP1 mooringContact at NOC
Biogeochemical sensorsDr Sue Hartman