The PAP1 observatory hosts a suite of meteorological, physical and biogeochemical sensors. The most current data are available from the deployment in November 2021

A diverse range of Essential Climate variables are measured and sampled at the PAP site from the atmosphere and surface ocean to the seafloor. Seafloor sampling includes trawling, coring, towed camera systems from a research ship and time-lapse photography. Since 2002 many of the upper ocean measurements (0-1000m) have been transmitted in near real-time.

Downloadable data

After recovery of each deployment, data are archived at the British Oceanographic Data Centre (BODC) and can be accessed at: BODC PAP Collection

To download near real time data in OceanSITES NetCDF format, click here.

Latest reported position

Date and time of receipt of latest data

Plot of latest position