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The latest research expedition to the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory (PAP-SO) sets sail from the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton on Friday evening, 5th May 2023. The PAP site, in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean is the location of a long-term time series of observations spanning over 35 years. Long-term repeated observations are vital to help us understand the changes occurring in the Atlantic Ocean.

Four students successfully applied for berths on the cruise via the CLASS programme, Théo Picard from the University of Brest, Isabelle Cooper and Sneha Sunny both from the University of Southampton and Lucy Goodwin from the University of Liverpool. Théo was also awarded a CLASS ECR fellowship to enable him to work with researchers at NOC to improve the representation of particles in models and to test a prediction model he has developed, using data from PAP.

More information about PAP can be found on the Porcupine Abyssal Plain Sustained Observatory website and all the news from the cruise can be found on their blog site