CLASS will deliver the knowledge and understanding of the Atlantic Ocean system that society needs to make evidence-based decisions regarding ocean management.

We aim to address key knowledge gaps in our understanding of ocean variability, climate regulation and ocean services, and to assess how the ocean will evolve as a result of climate change and intensified human exploitation.

CLASS will be delivered through an Atlantic focused science programme, building on sustained ocean observation, world class model development and state of the art technology, delivered through Marine National Capability underpinning activities.


CLASS is a six-year project funded by the Natural Environment Research Council. The Project will be led by the National Oceanography Centre and is a collaboration with The Scottish Association for Marine Science, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, Marine Biological Association, and the Sea Mammal Research Unit, which will run between April 2018 and 2024.

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The Team National collaboration and world-class expertise

Project Team

  • Dr Penny Holliday
    Associate Director, National Capability. Principal Investigator
    National Oceanography Centre

  • Jen Thomas
    Project Manager
    National Oceanography Centre

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