Delivery Leads – Platforms & Autonomy

Name Role
Dr. Alex Phillips MAS Development
Matthew Kingsland A2KUI
Alvaro Lorenzo-Lopez C2
Chris Cardwell Sensor Integration
Dr. Kristian Thaller Programme Manager
Dr. Matthew Palmer MARS Chief Scientist
Damian Cook Senior Communications Officer


Delivery Leads – Sensors

Name Role
Prof. C. Mark Moore PI STAFES-APP
Prof. Matt Mowlem PI AutoNutS, CarCASS
Dr. Socratis Loucaides Co-I CarCASS
Dr. Blair Thornton PI BioCam
Prof. Andrew Watson PI CaPASOS



Name Role
Julie Pringle-Stewart SRO, NOC COO


Leigh Storey Delivery Lead, AD NMF


Alex Chahian Programme Sponsor, NERC Major Programmes


Prof. Mark Inall SAGES Director / Prof. of Marine Physics SAMS; Chair Sensors Advisory Board


Dr Maaten Furlong MARS Group Head


Dr. Mike Webb

Head of Marine Science, NERC


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