About the Oceanids Programme

The Oceanids programme underpins NERC's continued investment in marine autonomy as provided to the UK oceanographic community by the National Oceanography Centre. Delivered through UKRI's Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) and World Class Labs funding, Oceanids is building towards the provision of a low emission oceanographic research infrastructure (Net Zero Oceanographic Capability) as UKRI strives to become a carbon neutral organisation by 2040. Oceanids technologies are pushing the boundaries of marine autonomy, thereby enabling the UK to maintain its position as a global leader in sustainable, oceanographic science, delivering cost-effective public benefit and driving innovation for the growing blue economy.

Since 2016, Oceanids has been providing new and exciting autonomous capabilities with innovative vehicle, autonomy, data and sensing solutions opening new areas of opportunity for UK researchers and commercial marine technology users/developers. 2021 will see Oceanids continue to augment the capabilities of the NOC's 6-strong fleet of Autosub Long Range (ALR) high-endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) and complete trials of an all-new work class AUV for the National Marine Equipment Pool, Autosub 2000m Under-Ice (A2KUI) that will open new areas of ocean science to the research community. In partnership with the Scottish Association for Marine Science, the NOC will also continue to release updates of its C2 integrated command-control and data ecosystem that is providing a national standard for the operation of large AUVs and glider fleets.

Ongoing investment in Marine Autonomous Systems will provide new capabilities to support the UK ocean science community and make measurements in the ocean.

Dr. Alex Phillips, NOC Head of MARS Development and Oceanids Principal Investigator

Delivering in Partnership

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Funding Bodies

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy UKRI NERC UK's Industrial Strategy

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