Autosub A2KUI

Autosub 5

Autosub 5 (A2KUI)

Oceanids is building on the 25-year programme of Autosub development with the next generation Autosub 5 (formerly known as A2KUI). Larger than Autosub Long Range, our new work class AUV is equipped with higher power sensors including state-of-the-art sonars and imaging systems that enable scientists to create detailed maps and establish habitat characteristics of the seafloor. Though commissioned for 6000m deep water operations, Autosub 5 is rapidly reconfigurable for 2000m under-ice missions. From the outset it has been designed to have the systems redundancy and under-ice navigation capabilities that allow it to operate safely underneath vast areas of sea ice or glaciers.

Specification sheet (click for full view)


Work Package Lead

Matt Kingsland
Senior Robotics Systems Engineer