Autosub A2KUI

Autosub 2000m Under-Ice (A2KUI)

Autosub 2000m Under Ice (A2KUI)

Oceanids is building on the capabilities of the NOC’s existing Autosub 6000 by developing a second large AUV equipped for high-power, shorter duration under-ice scientific missions. Autosub 2000m Under Ice (A2KUI) will be equipped with state-of-the-art sonars and imaging systems to enable scientists to create detailed maps and establish habitat characteristics of the seafloor. The vehicle has been designed from the outset to have the redundancy and under-ice navigation capabilities so that it can operate safely underneath vast areas of sea ice or glaciers. Though optimised for 2000m operations, the systems have been designed to withstand pressure at depths of 6000m in order to allow the vehicle to be easily reconfigured to meet changing science needs.

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Work Package Lead

Matt Kingsland
Senior Robotics Systems Engineer