Delivering Low Emission Oceanographic Capability

As the UK moves towards being a carbon neutral country, science and industry have a shared interest in understanding the oceans that runs from the supply chains underpinning oceanographic infrastrcuture through to the use of collected data. The increased use of marine autonomy will be key to meeting UKRI's ambitious target of becoming a net zero organisation by 2040 and to delivering growth in the blue economy while meeting the UK's climate targets. Through Oceanids, Industrial Strategy Challenge Funding and NERC World Class Labs funding is delivering innovation that will benefit both science and UK industry.

As part of NERC's commitment to a low emission research infrastructure, the National Oceanography Centre's National Marine Facilities division has been funded to deliver the Net Zero Oceanographic Capability scoping project that will inform strategic investment in the national capability for the UK's oceans science community. Oceanids' staff are bringing their expertise and innovation to support two technology-focused NZOC work packages: Future Marine Autonomous Systems and Future Sensor Systems.

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