About Us

The International Working Group (IWG) reports directly to the Marine Science Co-ordination Committee (MSCC). Chaired by Lowri Griffiths, Head of the Ocean Policy Unit at the Foreign, Commenwealth and Development Office (FCDO), membership is made up of representatives from a variety of government departments, devolved administrations, research organisations, national agencies and academia.

Anemones and shrimp with Isis in foreground. Image taken with Isis, the UK's deepest diving research ROV; Credit: Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

The MSCC IWG has a number of purposes when considering the international marine science and policy space. For example, the IWG:

  • Provides advice and guidance to the MSCC regarding international initiatives 
  • Facilitates collaboration between the UK marine science community and international bodies
  • Is the first point of contact for engaging in international initiatives
  • Ensures there is an understanding of how UK government departments are to be involved with international initiatives 

Ultimately, the IWG plays a crucial role in coordinating UK marine science on the global stage, improving the collaborations between the UK and international bodies, and providing a coherent message of UK marine science at international fora. Through this group, the MSCC high level objective 4 (to promote and represent UK marine science at international fora, strengthening existing and building new relationships with international partners including research organisations and infrastructure) can be achieved.

For further information, see the current Terms of Reference: