CME Programme fellowship network


CME Programme fellowship network

Although specialist training and knowledge exchange underpins all activities conducted through the CME Programme, it was recognised that the opportunities to do this were typically limited to workshops conducted in larger groups, or on-the-job training delivered whilst data was being collected or equipment deployed. This fellowship network was consequently established to help alleviate this pressure by enabling staff from partners organisation to come to the UK for in-depth training, providing flexibility in delivery method and timescales and giving the fellowship recipients an opportunity to digest and apply the knowledge that was transferred by supporting the analysis of active project data. 

Each secondment enabled the visiting fellows to receive specialist training in the skills and techniques that directly related to the deliverables they were hosted under. In most cases this training also enabled them to work on data generated in their country through the CME Programme, supporting the delivery of those projects and providing them with the knowledge and expertise to continue working on the data in the same manner on return. The visits also provided the fellows with an opportunity to view and use some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure within the NOC, and included opportunities for interaction with CME Programme Partners as well as visits to see relevant projects within the UK

Countries supported

Belize; Dominica; St Vincent and the Grenadines; Fiji


  • 2 Fellows hosted from Belize, working on the Impact of land use change on marine environments project.
  • 3 Fellows hosted from Dominica, with the Habitat mapping to support marine spatial planning project.
  • 2 Fellows hosted from St Vincent and the Grenadines Ocean Modelling and Monitoring project.
  • 3 Fellows hosted from Fiji in conjunction with the Characterisation of ocean acidification over decadal timescales in Fiji project.

Christopher Pearce
Principal Investigator

Jackie Raphson

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