To sustainably manage and use marine resources it is vital that we properly understand them. To help facilitate the NOC has delivered a range of projects and activities through the CME Programme within the broad thematic areas of: Marine data collection for environmental resilience and safe and efficient trade; Monitoring and risk assessment to increase climate change resilience; Infrastructure development, training and knowledge exchange.

Project activities presented on this site have been aligned in a manner that is coherent with project outputs. As such similar activities supported across different years and/or conducted in different countries and regions have been collated to summarise the nature of support provided. All projects were led and delivered by the NOC. Information regarding the capacity building activities conducted by the other UK Government agencies through the CME Programme are available at: or by contacting

Current activities

Quantification of seagrass Blue Carbon potential in Antigua and Barbuda

Offshore habitat mapping in Dominica

Larval connectivity modelling and habitat mapping to inform marine spatial planning in the Caribbean Arch 

Projects delivered by the NOC

Autonomous seawater monitoring equipment

Characterisation of ocean acidification over decadal timescales

CME Programme fellowship network

Containerised Autonomous Marine Environmental Laboratory (CAMEL)

Creation of a coastal data hub for the Caribbean

Extension of the anyTide app

Habitat mapping to support marine spatial planning

Impact of land use change on marine environments

Marine data management

Marine geohazard characterisation

Ocean modelling and monitoring

Phytoplankton sensitivity assessment

Sustainable deep-sea ocean resource exploitation

Tide gauge installation