RRS James Cook cruise JC032

JC032 was one of a series of cruises involved in fulfilling the aims of the Oceans 2025 WP 1.3 (another was JC031). For this cruise, work was conducted onboard the research vessel RRS James Cook. The scientific party were from the following institutions: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton; University of East Anglia; University of São Paulo.

The cruise began in Montevideo, Uruguay on 7 March 2009.

One hundred and eighteen 24-bottle rosette CTD-O (Conductivity-Temperature-Depth-Oxygen) stations were occupied during JC032 (see above figure).

Stations 1–9 comprised a transect across the Brazil Current, near Uruguay. A second transect of the Brazil Current was completed between stations 10–22. Stations 23–118 comprised the main section.

This work was accomplished in two parts. Stations 23–35 were those within the Brazilian 200-mile zone. After station 35, the ship sailed into Arraial do Cabo to put the Brazilian observer ashore. The section recommenced with station 36 which was a repeat of station 35.

The cruise ended on 22 April 2009 in Walvis Bay, Namibia, and was deemed thoroughly successful by all involved.

The cruise report is available from the library's eprints: JC032 Cruise Report. A  summary report and cruise inventory is  available from the Brisitsh Oceanographic Data Centre website.


Cruise data can be found at: CCHDO (CLIVAR & Carbon Hydrographic Data Office) (the main CCHDO webpage). Cruise data: JC032.

The following data files are available:

  • ASCII bottle data without station information
  • ZIP archive of ASCII.csv CTD data with station information
  • ASCII.csv bottle data with station information.

NetCDF files are also available for binary CTD and bottle data.


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Photographs provided with the permission of David Hamersley and Sinhue Torres-Valdez.