Socio-Oceanography Workshops are an annual national workshop series that facilitates collaboration between marine social and natural scientists and co-organised by the NOC and the Marine Social Science Network.

The workshops aim to generate interdisciplinary outputs such as opinion papers, funding proposals, and innovative multidisciplinary forms of communication. By bringing together experts from different disciplines, Socio-Oceanography Workshops promote interdisciplinary research and the integration of social and natural science perspectives in the study of the marine environment.

The workshops provide a platform for scientists to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and develop collaborative projects that address the complex challenges facing our oceans.

Socio-Oceanography 2024

Dates: 12-14 March 2024

Venue: National Oceanography Centre, Southampton

Outputs: TBC

Image of RRS Discovery alongside the dock at the NOC, Southampton.

Socio-Oceanography 2023

Dates: 7–9 March 2023

Venue: Chesil House, Winchester

The workshop was organised and hosted by the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) in collaboration with Marine Social Sciences Network. Co-convenors: Dr Katya Popova (NOC) and Dr Emma Mc.Kinley (Cardiff University and Marine Social Sciences Network)

The workshop focused on four highlight topics bringing together a mix of natural and social scientists, each working towards producing an output such as opinion papers, funding proposals and innovative multidisciplinary forms of communication.  


  1. Public Perception of the Marine Plastic Problem: Does our Current Understanding of its Potential Consequences for the Environment and Human Health Justify Another Burden of Anxiety we put on the Young Generation? (Professor Richard Lampitt National Oceanography Centre and Professor Steve Fletcher University of Portsmouth)
  2. Investing in Marine Natural Capital: Building A Case for Resilient Ocean Nature-Based Markets (C. Evans and S. Taylor, NOC)
  3. Societal Importance of the Subpolar Gyre and Potential UK Economic Impacts of Reaching an Ocean Tipping Point (C. Sams, K. Popova, NOC)
  4. Developing Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal in a Globally Fair and Equitable Manner: The Need for Collaboration with Small Island Developing States, Large Ocean States and Other Developing Nations (Dr C. Pearce NOC, Dr Z. Clulow University of Cambridge)

Image of a group of people in Chesil House, Winchester at the 2023 workshop.

Socio-Oceanography 2022

Dates: 19–20 July 2022

Venue: Balmer Lawn Hotel, Lyndhurst Rd, Brockenhurst

Workshop description: A group of twenty NOC scientists with an expertise of engaging with social sciences gathered together in July 2022 for a two-day workshop to set out a vision for interdisciplinary research at NOC addressing societal challenges through more effective integration and collaboration with social sciences. The group has developed a concept of “Socio-Oceanography” presenting its vision as a manuscript “Socio-Oceanography: an opportunity to integrate marine social and natural sciences” (Popova et al., Frontiers, under review).


Socio-oceanography: an opportunity to integrate marine social and natural sciences (Popova et al., 2022) [this will be a link]

Socio-Oceanography infographics (file)

Socio-Oceanography Visual Storyline (file)

Image of a group of people in Balmer Lawn Hotel, Lyndhurst Rd, Brockenhurst at the 2023 workshop.