Katya Popova [photo]

Dr Katya Popova

Theme Lead

Areas of interest: Socio-Oceanography; climate change impacts on marine economies and coastal communities; ocean connectivity and its impact on society; economic vulnerability to climatic tipping points; impact modelling.


Chelsey Baker [photo]

Dr Chelsey Baker

Ocean model, data and impact analyst

Areas of interest: global efficacy and impacts of marine carbon dioxide removal (CDR) approaches; vulnerability of ecosystems and communities to CDR impacts; assessment of areas in which ethical, legal and public acceptability issues may arise.


Amani Becker [photo]

Dr Amani Becker

Interdisciplinary coastal research

Areas of interest: Marine ecosystem services; coastal protection; whole system approaches and socio-environmental feedbacks.


Jennifer Brown [photo]

Dr Jennifer Brown

Coastal vulnerability

Areas of interest: Vulnerability of coastal communities to ocean hazards; coastal storm impacts and risk – surges, waves, inundation and erosion; impact of climate change on coastal communities.


Claire Evans [photo]

Dr Claire Evans

Nature based solutions

Areas of interest: Marine natural capital and nature-based solutions; UK seagrass ecosystems, management and governance of their restoration; impact of land use change on the marine environment of South East Asia.


Zoe Jacobs [photo]

Dr Zoe Jacobs

Marine impact modelling

Areas of interest: impact of marine extremes on economies and society; vulnerability of coastal communities of developing countries to climate change impacts.


Svetlana Jevrejeva [photo]

Dr Svetlana Jevrejeva

Socio-economic impact of sea level rise

Areas of interest: Socio-economic impact of sea level rise in coastal areas; vulnerability of coastal population to extreme sea levels; urban flood risk for coastal cities.


Christopher Pearce [photo]

Dr Christopher Pearce

Global climate change mitigation

Areas of interest: Biogeochemical, economic, legal, political, social and ethical aspects of the marine carbon dioxide removal; vulnerability of the small island development states to the climate change impacts and natural hazards.


Christine Sams [photo]

Christine Sams

Research Engagement & Impact, Marine Physics and Ocean Climate.

Areas of Interest: Transdisciplinary collaborations that increase the impact and applications of NOC research, including impacts of changing ocean circulation on ecosystems, economies and society, and innovative and low cost methods for monitoring coastal processes.


Isobel Yeo [photo]

Dr Isobel Yeo

Vulnerability to geohazards

Areas of interest: Exposure and vulnerability of coastal communities to marine geohazards; impacts of marine geohazards on the Blue Economy; mechanisms for quantifying community impacts; threats to coastal communities from mining.