Below are the answers to questions asked of the OSRIS project. If you have any other questions then please feel free to contact osris _AT_ noc.ac.uk.

Do you have a timescale for input?

We need to know about all projects by 18th May 2015. However, this could be a (very) short note of intent.

Is this satellite remote sensing only or are you interested in aircraft system/remote sensing?

It is primarily marine satellite remote sensing, but also includes other research areas with potential for being developed into satellite remote sensing in the future.  Aircraft systems / remote sensing are of interest if they could be adapted for future satellite missions, or if the work complements satellite remote sensing in some way.

You mention "OSRIS will then link up with those scientists whose research has been identified as relevant, in order to develop case studies that demonstrate the relevance to the activities of the MoD/RN." Will those scientists identified be expected to develop the case studies gratis or will there be financial support?

We are carrying out a literature (and report) review of NERC-funded remote sensing research, and liaising with DSTL to identify research areas that are of particular interest to the MoD.  Our aims are to identify relevant research, make suggestions for how algorithms / techniques of interest could be taken forward, and help to set priorities for future research by NERC and or MoD in these areas.  OSRIS is a low-budget project over 18 months, so it is not intended to carry out research, merely to identify promising research areas