Ocean Satellite Research Impact Study (OSRIS)

The overarching aim of OSRIS is to identify NERC strategic research of current or potential benefit to the Royal Navy (RN) and Ministry of Defence (MoD) by carrying out a comprehensive review of past and current NERC activities involving satellite technologies, and, in discussion with the MoD to assess their relevance to MoD activities. This will allow NERC to establish more clearly the impact of its investment in Earth observation and remote sensing (satellite and ground- based) on the marine and maritime activities of the RN/MoD.

Examples could include:

    Bathymetry (shallow water)
    Sea surface wave spectra (sea state)
    Tidal range
    Suspended particulates, water clarity/productivity
    Seabed Clutter (including bottom objects)
    Seabed Type
    Beach composition and gradient
    Wind speed and direction
    Seafloor vegetation
    Water temperature
    Internal waves
    Floating debris / obstructions