The National Oceanography Centre is currently undertaking a review of all NERC funded strategic research in satellite remote sensing from 2010 onwards that could have benefit for the Ministry of Defence/Royal Navy (MoD/RN). The Ocean Satellite Research Impact Study (OSRIS) is a NERC funded project in partnership with DSTL and is concerned with research either in the MARINE environment or in the NON-MARINE environment with potential for observing marine environments.

The first task of the project is to review relevant NERC funded research since 2010. This review will then be used to assess the potential for algorithms and processing techniques from selected projects. OSRIS will then link up with those scientists whose research has been identified as relevant, in order to develop case studies that demonstrate the relevance to the activities of the MoD/RN. Finally a set of recommendations will be developed for future work to further develop satellite remote sensing technologies that have been identified by MoD as promising.

The review will include selected research with ground-based sensing systems similar to current or near-future satellite sensors, and will consider to what extent it may be possible to adapt algorithms, processing techniques, or analysis methods from this research for use with satellite data.

We need your help to ensure that your research is considered in this process. If you think you are or have undertaken NERC strategic research that could be of relevance to the MOD/RN in the marine environment then please send a brief description of the project(s) to osris _AT_ noc.ac.uk.

Examples could include the following:

  • Bathymetry (shallow water)
  • Currents
  • Sea surface wave spectra (sea state)
  • Tidal range
  • Suspended particulates, water clarity/productivity
  • Seabed Clutter (including bottom objects)
  • Seabed Type
  • Beach composition and gradient
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Seafloor vegetation
  • Precipitation
  • Water temperature
  • Salinity
  • Internal waves
  • Floating debris / obstructions