Ocean Wind Waves is a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Challenger Society for Marine Science focused on observing, modelling and forecasting ocean surface waves.

Aims of the SIG

  1. To promote research in ocean surface waves and of their interactions with oceanographic, atmospheric and climatic processes.
  2. To provide a forum for cross-disciplinary exchange of information.
  3. To encourage early-career researchers in this field by providing an informal platform for presentations and interactions.

Innovative technology

Be it satellite, radar, in situ field work, ship-based observations, or numerical techniques:

  • instrument development and the use of observations
  • new developments in numerical wave models
  • use of data assimilation
  • innovations in laboratory work.

Risk and resource

Predicting and projecting wave risk, and getting the best out of wave energy. This includes:

  • wave energy resource and the impacts of waves on the environment
  • wave overtopping, vulnerability, and coastal flood risk
  • future wave climate and sea-state forecasting
  • risks to infrastructure and contribution to coastal erosion.


Improved understanding interactions between waves and the wider world, including:

  • air-sea fluxes and hydrodynamic interactions
  • seabed disturbance and sediment transport
  • model coupling
  • wave energy device interactions
  • non-linear wave physics and wave-wave interactions.