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Overall remit

The purpose of the Underwater Sound Forum (USF) is to: i) provide a forum for interested individuals and organisations to present and exchange views and; ii) provide advice and guidance to interested parties on matters relating to underwater sound in the marine environment, in order to help shape and increase the effectiveness of UK marine expertise in this area.

Spectrum chart: Image courtesy of Ocean Sonics Ltd.

The Underwater Sound Forum is expected to meet twice a year, although the dissemination of information and advice, provided by members, will take place throughout the year.

The Forum is open to all interested individuals and organisations (at their own expense for attending meetings). There are no restrictions on membership. Although largely a UK organisation, participants from abroad are welcome to participate in Forum activities.

Key actions

To facilitate dialogue between stakeholders in the UK public (including Higher Education Institutions and the Royal Navy) and private sectors and/or users of underwater sound data, with the aim of providing advice and ‘fit for purpose’ guidance in regard to marine underwater sound.

To act as a forum for all sectors to input their views and suggestions, and to raise relevant issues. 

To explore synergies between public and private sectors in a way that helps to develop the UK’s competitive science base. For example, by co-developing scientific activities, sharing knowledge (including data), and sharing information on law, policy and environmental issues.

Ongoing activities

The Forum will periodically provide interested parties with details of:

  • any current barriers to, and opportunities for, progress in underwater sound science;
  • any issues related to sound in the sea that are likely to emerge in the near- to medium-term future that will impact on the effectiveness of their sectors;
  • any suggestions about how UK science activities on sound in the marine environment could be more effectively undertaken within the UK or overseas;
  • any other relevant issues, views or concerns

Measures of success

Members of the Forum will have:

  • improved access to information on new research, findings and relevant developments in sound in the marine environment through regular updates;
  • gained a greater understanding of the public and private sectors' approaches to issues that they have in common;
  • engaged in concrete collaborative actions that implement the activities that have been proposed by the Forum.