Transient tracers and Carbon 14 samples have already been collected from cruises along different oceans.

JR18002 - November 2018

Another GO-SHIP cruise repeating the SR1b section across the Drake Passage (Southern Ocean) on the RRS James Clark Ross. Data and samples were collected for the ORCHESTRA project, as well as transient tracers and carbon 14 samples for the TICTOC project. The blog about this expedition can be found here and more information can be followed at the twitter tag #JR18002.

JC159 - February to April 2018

This GO-SHIP cruise crossed the South Atlantic (from Rio de Janeiro to Cape Town) on the RRS James Cook, providing data for the ORCHESTRA and TICTOC projects. The blog about the cruise can be found here, and more information can be checked at the twitter handle @jc159_24s.