Field programmes

ESONET and EMSO have identified a set of regional sites of active observatory-related science in Europe (see map below).  Scientists at NOCS currently have significant levels of activity at the Arctic, Porcupine, and Azores sites with peripheral interests at other sites. Activity has recently escalated with the initiation of demonstration missions at several sites.

Illustration showing general locations of proposed ESONET sites and the biogeochemical provinces of Longhurst (2006). Provinces shown include Boreal Polar (BPLR), Atlantic Arctic (ARCT), Atlantic Subarctic (SARC), the North Atlantic Drift (NADR), Northeast Atlantic Continental Shelf (NECS), North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre East (NASW), and Mediterranean (MEDI). Map projection from Google Earth (© 2009 Europa Technologies; © 2009 Google; © 2009 Tele Atlas; © Geocentre Consulting).


ESONET NoE Demonstration Missions with active NOCS participation:
AOEM (Arctic Ocean ESONET Mission)
MODOO (MOdular Deep Ocean Observatory)
MoMAR (Monitoring the Mid Atlantic Ridge)
Other related research programmes include work at the Porcupine Abyssal Plain – Sustained Observatory  and at an abyssal site in the northeast Pacific called Station M