Team National collaboration and world-class expertise

BLUEcoast combines the expertise of biologists, coastal engineers, geologists, geographers, and oceanographers with complementary field, laboratory and numerical skills.

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Alex Souza National Oceanography Centre ajso at Boundary layer & sediment transport processes
Alex Nimmo-Smith Plymouth University alex.nimmo.smith at Holographic imaging of suspended particles
Andres Payo Garcia
(WP2 Lead)
British Geological Survey agarcia at Long term coastal evolution modelling
Andy Barkwith British Geological Survey andr3 at Decadal scale Climate impact
Andrew Blight University of St Andrews ajb34 at Coastal ecology, macrophytes, biogenic stabilisation, biodiversity & ecosystem functioning
Andy Plater
(WP4 Lead)
University of Liverpool gg07 at Coastal environmental change & resilience
Arwen Bargery British Oceanographic Data Centre arry at Marine data manager
Charlie Thompson University of Southampton celt1 at Experimental & observational sediment dynamics
Daniel Conley Plymouth University daniel.conley at Nearshore sediment transport
David Paterson University of St Andrews dp1 at Mudflats, microphytobentos, biogenic stabilisation, biodiversity & ecosystem services
Eli Lazarus University of Southampton E.D.Lazarus at Coastal morphodynamics, coupled human–landscape systems
Elizabeth Christie University of Cambridge ekc28 at Coastal Dynamics & Numerical Modelling
Emma Sheehan Plymouth University emma.sheehan at Marine ecology, human impact on marine ecosystems
Gerd Masselink
(WP1 Lead)
Plymouth University gerd.masselink at Coastal geomorphology, beach morphodynamics, surf zone dynamics, storm impacts, field observations
Helen Smith British Geological Survey hsmith at GIS Specialist & modeller
Iris Moller University of Cambridge im10003 at Bio-physical linkages in intertidal zones
Jak McCarroll Plymouth University jak.mccarroll at Coastal Geomorphologist: Embayed Beaches
James Cooper University of Liverpool James.Cooper at Turbulence and sediment transport dynamics
Janet Hooke University of Liverpool Janet.Hooke at Coastal geomorphology, coastal management
Jasmin Godbold University of Southampton j.a.godbold at Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning
Jenny Brown National Oceanography Centre jebro at Coastal flood & erosion risk modelling
Jeremy Spearman HR Wallingford J.Spearman at Cohesive sediment transport processes
Juian Leyland University of Southampton j.leyland at Geomorphologist, expert in high resolution topographic data
Kevin Horsburgh National Oceanography Centre kevinh at Extreme sea levels & coastal flood forecasting
Laurent Amoudry
(Principal Investigator)
National Oceanography Centre laou at Coastal & estuarine sediment transport modelling
Martin Hurst University of Glasgow martin.hurst at Coastal Geomorphology & Numerical Modelling
Martin Solan
(WP3 Lead)
University of Southampton M.Solan at Biodiversity, ecosystem function, benthic ecology
Megan Williams National Oceanography Centre megams at Coastal & estuarine physics and sediment transport
Michiel Knaapen HR Wallingford M.Knaapen at Coastal Processes, dunes, morphodynamic modelling
Michael Ellis British Geological Survey mich3 at Science director land, soil & coast
Nicoletta Leonardi University of Liverpool nicleona at Hydrodynamic, numerical modelling, coastal geomorphology, sediment transport
Paul Russell Plymouth University p.russell at Observing real-time storm impact
Pete Thorne National Oceanography Centre pdt at Measuring & modelling sediment dynamics
Rachel Hale University of Southampton r.hale at Marine invertebrate ecologist, sediment bioturbation
Richard Whitehouse HR Wallingford r.whitehouse at Scour, coastal geomorphology, sediment transport
Sue Brooks Birkbeck, University of London s.brooks at Shoreline change analysis, sand dunes, surge and storm impacts, inter-tidal bars
Tim Scott Plymouth University timothy.scott at Coastal & Submarine Geomorphologist
Tom Spencer University of Cambridge ts111 at Geomorphology & ecology, coastal wetlands
Xiaorong Li University of Liverpool lixr at Coastal processes & impacts modelling
Xiaoyan Wei National Oceanography Centre xwei at Process-based modelling of estuarine dynamics
Alex Sinclair Marlan Maritime Technologies alexs at Radar engineering, deployments & logistics
Cai Bird Marlan Maritime Technologies caib at Radar data processing & analysis
Tony Dolphin Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science tony.dolphin at Principal Coastal Geomorphologist
[Tim Poate & Kit Stokes] Coastal Marine Applied Research cmar at Informed consultancy - data collection, analysis & synthesis
Ben Phillips Liverpool University / National Oceanography Centre b.t.phillips at Long-term coastal evolution modelling
Charlotte Lyddon Liverpool University / National Oceanography Centre C.E.Lyddon at Modelling extreme, estuarine water levels
Christine Hamilton Liverpool John Moores University / Liverpool University C.A.Hamilton at Reconstructing Holocene coastal evolution
Erin King Plymouth University erin.king at Hydrodynamics & sediment transport modelling
Helen Brooks University of Cambridge hyb20 at Geotechnical properties of saltmarsh substrates
Jamie Pollard University of Cambridge jp646 at Long term patterns of shoreline change
Kieran Newman Liverpool University / National Oceanography Centre K.W.Newman at Remote sensing & modelling of the sea surface
Mark Wiggins Plymouth University mark.wiggins at Coastal Rotation & UAV Surveys
Naiyu Zhang University of Southampton N.Zhang at Observing exchanges between water-sediment interface
Nieves Garcia Valiente Plymouth University nieves.garciavaliente at Beach-shelf sediment exchange monitoring
Oliver Bilson Plymouth University / University of Liverpool oliver.billson at Coastal impacts of infragravity waves
Phil Knight University of Liverpool / Marlan Tech Philip.Knight at Tidal Level Measurements for Coastal Resilience & Survey

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