The ACCORD project team is working in partnership internationally to develop resilience to natural hazards and facilitate the growth of Blue Economies, by supporting decision-makers in identifying ways to adapt to the next century of environmental and climatic stressors.

Protecting critical ecosystems and habitats requires an ecosystem-based, multidisciplinary approach to inform integrated management strategies.  The primary beneficiaries of the project are policy makers, resource managers and coastal managers.

Key benefits of the project are:

  • an increased knowledge base and local capability and capacity to deliver up-to-date relevant information.
  • ongoing partnerships developed in ACCORD provide a foundation for future collaboration for transdisciplinary oceanographic research that will deliver the scientific evidence vital for marine decision-making. This will directly help our overseas partners in their attainment of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As such, outputs of ACCORD are diverse and in some cases difficult to quantify or share.  However, amongst the many successes of the project are:

  • Peer Reviewed Publications
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  • Reports
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  • Webinars
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  • Tools
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  • Policy Briefs
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  • Practice notes
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  • Outreach materials
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You will also find details of project activities and outcomes across the set of case study areas of ACCORD. A link to each of these will be included here once these are accessible online.