May 2019
Before we deploy a large number of drifters near the Greenland shelf-break, we wanted to do a dry run (or rather a wet run) locally. This will allow us to see how they react to near-real environment (sea water, clear or cloudy...
Aug 2018

The rate of Greenland melting has been accelerating in the past 2 decades.  Not only is Greenland releasing more freshwater into the oceans, it's doing so to a greater extent each year.  However, due to how the ocean circulation responds to the... Trajectories of surface drifters passing through the red triangle near 65N, 40W.  Bathymetry is shaded.

Aug 2018

In the wintertime in the Labrador Sea, eastward travelling cold dry air from the Canadian Arctic archipelago and storms from northeast American encounter their first bit of ocean over the subpolar North Atlantic.  Ocean sea surface temperatures... (a) Density and (b) salinity anomalies in the Labrador Sea given by Argo float data. In 2013/14 and 2014/15 convection was deep, while the Labrador Sea Water produced was relatively fresh.