Mario Esposito

Mario's research interests are marine biogeochemistry and chemical oceanography with focus on carbon cycling and inorganic nutrients dynamics. Following his masters degree in Oceanography at the University of Southampton, he has been involved in several cruises providing measurements of seawater carbon species (DIC, TA, DOC, POC) and nutrients (NO3-, NO2-, PO43-, Si(OH)4 and NH4+). During his PhD he worked with stable carbon isotopes to investigate biogeochemical responses of marine ecosystems to human CO2 perturbation. The use of concurrent isotopic measurements proved to be an effective tool for the assessment of the main interactions among individual carbon compartments within the marine system. Currently he is involved in the STEMM-CCS project as a postdoctoral researcher based at GEOMAR and his work will focus on the assessment of water column carbonate chemistry parameters and inorganic nutrients dynamics from discrete sampling and in-situ deployment of novel chemical sensors.