Updated (Oct 2018) Glossary of Terminology

The language of CCS (Definitions and Explanations)


IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage 2005

Review of Offshore Monitoring for CCS Projects

Complementary Projects

CHIMNEY – Characterisation of Major Overburden Leakage Pathways above Sub-sea floor CO2 Storage Reservoirs in the North Sea

H2020 EU funded CCS Projects

ACT Acorn - Moving the Acorn project from proof-of-concept towards design studies

ALIGN-CCS – Accelerating Low Carbon Industrial Growth through CCUS

CarbFix2 - Scaling up the CarbFix demonstrated technology to general and economically viable complete CCS chain

CEMCAP – CO2 capture from the cement industry

ECOBASE – Enhanced oil recovery with storage

ELEGANCY– Enabling a low-carbon economy via hydrogen and CCS

ENOS – Enabling Onshore CO2 Geological Storage in Europe

FReSMe – From Residual Steel Gases to Methanol

GATEWAY – Developing a Pilot Case aimed at establishing a European infrastructure project for CO2 transport

GRAMOFON – New process for efficient CO2 capture by innovative adsorbents based on modified graphene aerogels and MOF materials

LEILAC – Low Emissions Intensity Lime and Cement

NANOMEMC2 – NanoMaterials Enhanced Membranes for Carbon Capture

ROLINCAP – Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture

SECURe – Subsurface Evaluation of CCS and Unconventional Risks

S4CE – Science for Clean Energy

STEELANOL – Recycles carbon into sustainable, advanced bio-ethanol

STEPWISE – Cost efffective capturing of CO2 in the iron and steel industry

STRATEGY CCUS - Strategic planning of regions and territories in Europe for low-carbon energy and industry through CCUS


CATO – CO2 Capture Transport and Storage in The Netherlands

CCCP – California Climate Change Portal

CCSa – The Carbon Capture and Storage Association (CCSA)

CCS Education Initiative

Global CCS Institute – Australia

IEAGHG – IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme

IPCC – International Panel on Climate Change

SCCS – Scottish Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage

TxCCSA – Texas Carbon Capture and Storage Association

UCL – Carbon Capture Legal Programme

UKCCSC – UK Carbon Capture and Storage Community Project Archive

UKCCSRC – UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Centre

UNFCCC – United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

ZEP – Zero Emissions Platform

ZERO – Zero Emissions Research Organisation (Norway)

Other Projects

Acorn CCS Project – A minimum viable development full chain industrial CCS project

Accsept – Acceptance of CO2 Capture and Storage, Economics, Policy and Technology

CarbFix – Fixing CO2 by injection into basalt rocks

CCS Network – The European CCS Demonstration Project Network


CO2 Capture Project

CO2GeoNet – The European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2

CO2Mustang – A multiple space and time scale approach for the quantification of deep saline formations for CO2 storage

CO2ReMove – Research, Monitoring, Verification


CO2Store – Underground storage of CO2 in aquifers

CO2 GeoCapacityProject – Assessing European Capacity for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide

COACH – Cooperation between China and the EU on CCS

eccsel – European Carbon dioxide Capture and Storage Laboratory Infrastructure

ECO2 – Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems


INCA-CO2 – International Co-operation Actions on CO2 Capture and Storage

MOVECBM – Monitoring and Verification of Enhanced Coalbed Methane

NearCO2 – Participation and communication near CO2 capture and storage operations

Oman Drilling project – A multi-national collaboration to explore ancient seafloor in the deserts of Oman

QICS – Quantifying and Monitoring Potential Ecosystem Impacts of Geological Carbon Storage

RISCS – Research into impacts and safety in CO2 storage

CCS Sites

CO2 CRC – Otway Project (Australia)

KETZIN – CCS Pilot Project (Germany)

Weyburn-Midale – CO2 Project (USA)

Quest – Canada

Other Resources

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Carbonize – Tool to measure the carbon impact of everyday purchases

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