STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting & 4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage

Registration has closed for the STEMM-CCS Open Science Meeting and the 4th International Workshop on Offshore Geologic CO2 Storage which will take place on 11-12th February 2020, hosted by the STEMM-CCS project at the University of Bergen in Norway.

The offshore workshop will look at how to develop CCS projects with offshore storage. It will address and build on the recommendations and topics raised at the 3rd workshop to update on and take forward offshore storage. The STEMM-CCS open science meeting will share key results, technological developments and experiences from four years of intensive research into the environmental monitoring of offshore CO2 storage.

Meeting Programme

STEMM-CCS presentations

Offshore workshop presentations


Excursion - February 13th
Equinor/Sintef hosted workshop on Sleipner reference model and Northern Lights project with optional field trip to Kollsnes:

08:30 Pick up at hotels in Bergen
09:00 Sleipner Reference Model workshop, Equinor office (including explanation of dynamic modelling challenge)​
10:30 Core workshop (geology of storage sites)
11:30 Presentation future Northern Lights “CCS-base”
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Departure
14:00 Visit to “CCS-base” site
15:00 Bus to city centre / airport (arrival approx. 16:00)​

(participants who don't want to visit the CCS-base may take the Bybane back to the town/airport)


Hotel Information


The event is held in conjunction and with the support of: