Getting ready to launch from the Isles of Scilly

The Slocum gliders have been taken out of their boxes, and they have all passed their basic pre-deployment checks.

Pre-deployment checks on the Slocum GlidersThe two Slocum Gliders from NOC Southampton will be deployed from a RIB; their pilots are standing by to deal with any issues. Piloting will be done from Southampton with some assistance from engineers in St. Mary’s, in Isles of Scilly.

NOC’s SV3 Waveglider “Waimea” has been plugged in and is fully charged.

The slipway at PorthlooThe SV2 Waveglider “NOCL” from NOC’s Liverpool laboratory has been put on charge and is now showing just about full capacity. Pete Foden and Dave Jones arrive tomorrow to put her together and carry out further checks and tests.

The weather forecasts continue to be benign for the deployment period until Saturday, when it looks to be getting rather windy. The following week may become a test of the vehicles’ heavy-weather handling.