Robotic Exploration of our Oceans

Welcome to Marine Autonomous Systems in Support of Marine Observations (MASSMO).

MASSMO is a pioneering multi-partner series of trials and demonstrator missions that aim to explore the UK seas using a fleet of innovative marine robots. With newly developed unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) and submarine gliders, the multi-phase project has successfully completed the largest single deployment of marine autonomous systems ever seen in the UK. These field trials are providing valuable insight into UK seas and the marine life they support, gathering environmental data, and feeding back vital information on how the different vehicles perform separately and together in preparation for future scientific applications.

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Latest news

MASSMO 4 saw a fleet of vehicles successfully detect whales and porpoises and recorded the sounds they make in the survey of the deep ocean off northern Scotland. In the summer of 2017 the fleet of...
The following video was produced by the WWF, one of our partner organisations in MASSMO Mission-2.  
A fleet of ten marine robots has successfully completed an ambitious two-week mission off northwest Scotland, despite being hit by a succession of Atlantic storms with winds gusting up to 60 mph and...
The next phase of the project, an ambitious two-week mission involving ten marine robots has commenced off northwest Scotland. This latest phase sees the largest fleet of vehicles to be...

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