Scientific contributions

GASRIP until October 2020


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Conferences (O, P and IL for oral, poster and invited lectures, respectively)

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  • IL – Falcon-Suarez, I.H., 2019. Captura y almacenamiento de CO2, IES Vigan and IES Gran Tarajal High Schools, Fuerteventura

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  • IL - Falcon-Suarez, I.H., 2018. GASRIP:  Combined geophysical and hydro-mechanical assessment of storage reservoirs at the laboratory scale during and after CO2 injection for a responsible use of natural geological systems. UKCCSRC workshop, 1st Novemeber, Coventry, UK

  • P - Falcon-Suarez, I. & Best, A.I., 2018. GASRIP: Geomechanical Assessment of CO2 Storage Reservoir Integrity Post-closure. In: UKCCSRC Network Conference, 26-27 March 2018, Cambridge (


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