Join our Early Career Ocean Professionals Network

The BIO-Carbon Early Career Ocean Professionals (ECOP) Network comprises of ECOPs from across the BIO-Carbon project bringing together a variety of skillsets and backgrounds, all linked to understanding how marine life helps the ocean store vast amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

We borrow the term ECOP from the UN Ocean Decade to include anyone who self-identifies as being early in their career in any role related to the ocean. If you are an ECOP working on the role ocean biology plays in storing carbon we welcome you to join our network.

The BIO-Carbon ECOP network is predominantly UK focused as any events will be in the UK and the BIO-Carbon programme is UK based. However, we very much welcome international ECOPs to sign up and join the mailing list to receive notice of any events and opportunities and we will endeavour to make events hybrid where practical. 

The network is being co-lead by Cordelia Roberts (PARTITRICS) and Chelsey Baker (BRICS, PARTITRICS) for the 2024 term. The network lead(s) will rotate on an annual basis.
Cordelia Roberts
Cordelia Roberts
Chelsey Baker
Chelsey Baker

Please use the button below to sign up to the ECOP network.

ECOP network


Image: the ECOP launch at the BIO-Carbon Annual Meeting 2024

BIO-Carbon ECOP network aims:

  1. Connect ECOPs working on the role of biology in ocean carbon storage 
    By establishing online forums and semi-regular virtual networking events where ECOPs can chat informally about their research, personal aims, career goals and upcoming conferences individuals may be attending we aim to foster strong connections between ECOPs in this field which may lead to collaborations in the future.
  2. Provide support for ECOPS in career development and advancement
    We will provide workshops and seminars on grant writing, project management, and additional essential research skills, as well as using our online forums to facilitate access to resources and funding opportunities for further career development. Alongside this ECOPs will have the chance to connect via skill sharing workshops delivered by ECOPs who are part of the network and can offer expertise in specific areas or seek advice from their peers.
  3. Facilitate science communication and knowledge exchange across BIO-Carbon projects and wider research field
    The ECOP network spans many projects directly related to biological ocean carbon research. Through our online channels we will be able to discuss science within current BIO-Carbon projects and to facilitate knowledge exchange between all projects focused on the role of biology in ocean carbon storage. We will also be involved in developing accessible communication materials within the wider BIO-Carbon programme for outreach events including public talks, school visits and social media to promote dialogue and exchange of knowledge on the role of biological processes in regulating carbon in the ocean amongst the wider science community, policymakers and general public.


Other ECOP/ECR networks

We have compiled a list of other ECOP and ECR networks that may be relevant to those researching how biology influences ocean carbon storage. This is intended as a living resource. If you have suggestions of other ECOP or ECR networks to add to this list please do get in touch ( and

Challenger ECR Network
TerraFIRMA ECR network
EMB ECOP network
UN ECOP network
Marine Research Plymouth ECR Network
CLIVAR ECS Network Climate and Ocean: Variability, Predictability and Change)
YESS Community earth system sciences
World Data System
IAPSO ECS physical ocean science
WIO- ECSN western Indian ocean marine science
UK Polar Network