USF November 2020

The Underwater Sound Forum met virtually on 25th November 2020. With over 100 particpants joining and eight excellent presentations, the reconvening of the USF was successful. The following talks were given:

  • Some trends in low-frequency deep-ocean noise in the last 15 years: Stephen Robinson, NPL
  • To blow or not to blow? Ask EDGAR (Explosives use in Decommissioning - Guide for Assessment of Risk): Alison Brand, University of Aberdeen & Manta Environmental Ltd
  • Seasonal and decade-term trends in ocean sound level: Michael Ainslie, JASCO
  • Baseline survey of marine mammals off São Tomé and Príncipe, West Africa by wave-propelled AutoNaut USV: Phil Johnston, AutoNaut/Seiche Ltd
  • The importance of particle motion to fishes and invertebrates: Tony Hawkins, Loughine Ltd
  • A best practice guide for underwater particle motion measurement for biological applications: Sophie Nedelec, University of Exeter
  • The nature of seismic interface wages, as may affect crabs, dabs, cockles and mussels: Dick Hazelwood
  • New relationships between geophysical and acoustic parameters: Nicholas Chotiros, University of Texas & NOC

Minutes will be uploaded after the May 2021 meeting once they have been agreed to be a true and accurate reflection of the meeting.