Aug 2017

Diving behaviour of Cuvier's beaked whales exposed to two types of military sonar

Erin A. Falcone, Gregory S. Schorr, Stephanie L. Watwood, Stacy L. DeRuiter, Alexandre N. Zerbini, Russel D. Andrews, Ronald P. Morrisey, David J. Moretti

Royal Society Open Science

Anthropogenic noise pollution from pile driving disrupts the structure and dynamics of fish shoals

Jul 2017

Widely used marine seismic survey air gun operations negatively impact zooplankton

Robert D. McCauley, Ryan D. Day, Kerrie M. Swadling, Quinn P. Fitzgibbon, Reg A. Watson & Jayson M. Semmens

Nature Ecology & Evolution 1, Article Number: 0195

Jun 2017

Trump's oil drilling executive order targets marine mammals

Motor-boat noise makes bad fish parents, leading to the death of their babies

May 2017

Behavioral Responses of a Harbor Porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) to Sounds from an Acoustic Porpoise Deterrent

Ronald A. Kastelein, Janne Huybrechts, Jennifer Covi, and Lean Helder-Hoek

Aquatic Mammals 2017, 43(3), 233-244, DOI 10.1578/AM.43.3.2017.233

A key to quieter seas: half of ship noise comes from 15% of the fleet

Scott Viers, Val Viers, Rob Williams, Michael Jasny, Jason Wood

Health of whales, dolphins and porpoises put at risk by underwater alarms

Inner city seals may suffer hearing loss

Apr 2017