Cruise preparation for DY116

September, 2020

Scientist and engineers at NOC are continuing to prepare for the planned cruise on Discovery to the PAP-SO in November. Here Dr Andy Gates, Dr Sue Hartman, Dr Anita Flohr, Jon Campbell and Corinne Pebody are working with fluorometers and CO2 sensors of the type to be recovered at sea on DY116. Nick Rundle and other technicians at NMF have introduced, refined and shared practices of working with common instruments in a socially distanced way. This asset recovery cruise, supported by CLASS enables us to make safe our equipment and data which has been measuring and withstanding the weather and waves at the PAP-SO for the last 18 months. Data from the last 30 years is available at BODC and contributes to our shared science with our EMSO, ICOS and iFADO partners.