Cruise DY130 success

June, 2021

Cruise DY130 was successful in every aspect of our mission, despite some tricky weather conditions throughout the cruise.

We deployed three gliders, one bioARGO; we recovered and deployed one surface mooring, two sub surface moorings, two benthic traps; onboard we ran seven Hybis missions, four bottom trawls, thirteen mega corers, fourteen CTDs, four MBES surveys, four metcals, and twenty four zooplankton nets.

This was only achieved by the concerted and collaborative efforts of scientist, techs and crew  on board but also the Met Office and colleagues back at NOC, all taking on the usual tasks while keeping ourselves and others Covid safe. We also had some new (to us) equipment to deploy and  were really gratified by our collective achievements.

We’re looking forward to some more great data in 2021 and an equally successful cruise in 2022.