WP3 Future Ship Technologies

WP3 Future Ship Technologies

The NZOC Future Ship Technologies work package is focused on the next generation of research ships to 2035. This timeframe potentially coincides with a critical inflection point in the development of emerging technologies necessary to deliver the transformative change in the maritime operating environment needed to achieve the low to zero emission goals that underpin UKRI's ambition to become a net zero organisation by 2040.

The work package seeks to understand the emerging challenges and opportunities for a low to zero GHG emissions oceanographic research ship infrastructure by:

  • Assessing the potential emerging technology developments in ship propulsion and power systems and research ship design to enable a low to zero GHG emission delivery.
  • Reviewing the changing and developing science and technology landscape that will influence research ship design and fleet structure focussed on the 2035 milestone of the replacement of the RRS James Cook.
  • Considering the options for the future UK research fleet structure in the context of collaborative infrastructure arrangements both within the UK and internationally.

The work package will also look at the emerging technologies that will influence the next generation of research ships by considering the findings of the other NZOC work packages.

Work Package Leads

Colin Day
Work Package Lead

Andy Tate
Work Package Deputy


On 11/03/2021 the WP Leads delivered the third in our series of NZOC workshops, Next Generation Research Ships: Emerging & Future Technology in Research Ship Design. This event sought to capture a diverse range of opinion, offering stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the emerging ship design concepts and to influence NERC's large research infrastructure investment decisions over the next 10-15 years. The outcomes will be published shortly.