WP2 Future Policy and Regulation

WP2 Future Policy and Regulation

Given the serious and far reaching effects of climate change on the ocean, it is important that those involved in ocean science and policy minimise the climate impacts generated by oceanographic research. Key to future oceans research will be the international policy that informs public and commercial sector investment priorities, while regulation may limit the technology opportunities for a low carbon infrastructure. Prof. Steve Fletcher and Cdr. Kara Chadwick are leading the Future Policy & Regulation work package that is: exploring trends in UK and relevant international policy and regulation that may drive or constrain research objectives, and seeking to understand how research objectives link to policy priorities.



On 26/02 the WP Leads held the second in the NZOC series of workshops, 'Policy drivers and enablers for a UK net zero ocean science capability', where stakeholders had the opportunity to discuss the different aspects of policy and regulation that will underpin UK oceanographic research directions and infrastructure investment over the next 15 years. This workshop outcomes are now available in video format you can provide online feedback using the Online Feedback Form.



Work Package Leads

Prof. Steve Fletcher
Work Package Lead
Uni. Portsmouth

Cdr. Kara Chadwick
Work Package Deputy


The objectives for this WP are to:

  1. Explore trends in UK and relevant international marine policy, seeking to understand the likely UK position by 2035 and forecast
  2. Consider the scientific evidence requirements needed to underpin likely UK future marine policy priorities. 
  3. Identify any aspects of regulation and compliance that may constrain the low carbon infrastructure options identified in WPs 3-5.