NZOC Workshop Series - Thank You

The NZOC team would like to thank all the participants who have contributed to the various NZOC workshops over the past four months. Involving more than 270 participants across the six workshops, these events will form a central part of the NZOC findings that will be submitted this summer.

The findings from workshops 1 and 2 are already available on the Workshop Materials page of the website. Workshops 3-5 will be coming soon.

  • WS1: The 21st Century Scientist: Delivering science in a net zero world
  • WS2: Policy drivers and enablers for a UK net zero ocean science capability
  • WS3: Next Generation Research Ships: Emerging & future technology in research ship design
  • WS4: The 21st Century Marine Technologist: Autonomy & sensors for a net zero world
  • WS5: Future research platforms as data hubs in a connected world