Workshop: Future research platforms as data hubs in a connected world

Given the serious and far reaching effects of climate change, it is important that the oceanographic community brings new technologies to bear on the current generation of carbon intensive research ships. Such advances in technology will generate increasing volumes of data and create new challenges around data management and the opportunities that this will bring.
Future low emission ships will be linked to researchers on land, and to autonomous vehicles at sea, through an integrated data environment that will include models and observations. The Future Research Platforms as Data Hubs in a Connected World workshop is part of the NZOC Future Data Ecosystems work package and will:
  • Examine trends across the whole data lifecycle,
  • Explore how data could be used to enable more intelligent operation of oceanographic platforms,
  • Seek to understand how the overlap in scientific and commercial interest could enhance the efficiency of data gathering and mitigate against obsolescence,
  • Consider cybersecurity risks.

This is a fascinating area to explore and we invite you to join Dr John Siddorn and Alvaro Lorenzo-Lopez to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the coming revolutionary change in marine observing systems.

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Registration Closes: 19/03/2021

Workshop Date: 22/04/2021

Location: Virtual

The NZOC team will also be making the plenary sessions available online with the opportunity to contribute to the final conclusions by submitting written feedback.

Workshop Hosts

Dr. John Siddorn
Future Data Ecosystems WP Lead

Alvaro Lorenzo
Future Data Ecosystems WP Deputy








Thursday, 22 April, 2021 - 09:00