Net Zero Oceanographic Capability

Net Zero Oceanographic Capability (NZOC)

NZOC (Net Zero Oceanographic Capability) is a £250k scoping project funded by NERC to inform planning for the future low carbon oceanographic research capability in line with UKRI’s objectives of becoming a net zero organisation by 2040. NOC’s National Marine Facilities (NMF) division has been selected to lead a team of national experts investigating the drivers and enablers of future oceanographic research. 

The project includes 6 work packages investigating future:

  1. Science need WP Lead: Dr. Kate Hendry, WP Deputy: Dr. Eleanor Frajka-Williams
  2. Policy & regulation WP Lead: Prof. Steve Fletcher, WP Deputy:Kara Chadwick
  3. Ship technologies WP Lead: Colin Day , WP Deputy:Andy Tate
  4. Marine Autonomous Systems (MAS) WP Lead: Dr. Maaten Furlong , WP Deputy: Prof. Sara Bernardini
  5. Sensor systems & networks WP Lead: Prof. Matt Mowlem , WP Deputy: Dr. James Fishwick
  6. Data ecosystems WP Lead: Dr. John Siddorn , WP Deputy: Alvaro Lorenzo

The project welcomes interest from UK and international academic and industry players who wish to contribute to the recommendations that will inform NERC’s strategic planning.

The replacement of a modern research ship is normally a decade-long process. However, the advances in technology are opening up opportunities which require a genuinely strategic view to be taken regards the UK’s next generation of oceanographic research infrastructure. The 20th century paradigm must give way to a low-carbon system and that shift must consider the science and policy needs alongside the technological opportunities.

Leigh Storey, NOC Associate Director National Marine Facilities and NZOC Principal Investigator


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