We present some initial results of the ANDREX project. More will follow as our research progresses.

The potential temperature section along the rim of the ANDREX box shows the thermohaline section of the Weddell Sea. The limit between the main water masses are marked by the black lines. In the east (along the I6S line), the warm (Antarctica standard) water of the Southern Ocean flows into the Weddell Sea. The doming of the isopycnals on the Sr04 section is characteristic of the cyclonic circulation.

Potential temperature along the edge of the ANDREX box (from the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula anticlockwise (ANDREX; I6S; Sr04)
Mean sea level anomaly during the JC30 cruise (left) and the I6S cruise (right) derived from altimetry (only the I6s stations relevant to ANDREX are plotted); black lines represent the climatological position of the fronts obtained from in situ data (Orsi et al, 1995)
Baroclinic velocities – geostrophic velocities along the edge of the ANDREX box in ms<sup>−1</sup>