DY077 to the PAP-SO

May, 2017

We’ve just returned from a 13 day cruise to the PAP-SO.

108 stations in 13 days, including PAP1 and PAP 3 moorings recovered and deployed; drifting traps; CTDs; benthic trawls and cores; Marine Snow Catchers; Stand Alone Pumps; on board incubations; nets; cameras of all sorts.

22 scientists from 6 countries worked together to use every available minute to collect data or samples for analysis.

7 technicians worked round the clock to deploy recover, work and mend the diverse equipment required.

23 shipboard officers, engineers, bosuns, AB.s, chefs and stewards kept the ship safe, moving, working, integrated, fed and cared for.

For more numbers please go to our data pages, we’ll be putting the calibrated data on as soon as we can.