National Oceanography Centre

Judith Wolf

Dr Judith Wolf

  • As part of the NOC Marine Systems Modelling Group, I am interested in coupled modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer, hydrodynamics and waves. The models I am using include WRF-POLCOMS-WAM, POLCOMS-SWAN, UM-NEMO-WW3. In terms of Offshore Renewable Energy I focus on resource and environmental impacts modelling for wind, wave and tidal energy.
  • Email:
    Phone: +44 (0) 151 795 4849


Nick Yates

Dr Nick Yates

  • Current Projects: Scottish Waters Shelf model
  • Interests: Tidal Range, Tidal Barrage, Tidal Lagoon, Swansea Bay Lagoon, Flood alleviation using lagoons, Resource Assessment, Numerical Modelling, TST Parameterisation, Far field effects of tidal energy extraction, Conjunctive effects of tidal energy extraction.
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Paul Bell

Dr Paul Bell


Hannah Buckland

Hannah Buckland

  • Current projects: EcoWatt2050 - Parameterisation of offshore renewable devices and arrays, to determine the large-scale array and multi-array effects on shelf sea hydrodynamics and sediment transport. Climate change scenario modelling.
  • Interests: Simulation and representation of marine renewable energy devices in analytical engineering models and also both structured and unstructured shelf-scale models. Wave models and analysis and the coupling between waves and tides. I have worked on the local turbine simulation method Blade Element Momentum Theory and the ocean model FVCOM.
  • Co-ordinator for Asia for the International Network of Offshore Renewable Energy.
  • Email:
    Phone: +44 (0) 151 795 4966


Laurent Amoudry

Dr Laurent Amoudry


Bram Murton

Dr Bramley Murton

  • As part of NOC Southampton, I conduct geological and geochemical research into the evolution of oceanic crust, its interaction with the oceans and the formation of mineral deposits.
  • Interests: Fluid flow, heat fluxes and mineralisation resulting from seafloor hydrothermal activity. Seafloor hydrothermal systems and their potential as renewable geothermal energy sources.
  • Email:
    Phone: +44 (0) 2380 596 543


David McCann



University of Liverpool

Ming Li

Dr Ming Li

  • Research interests include wave-current boundary layer process and sediment transport, both short term and long term morphodynamics in coastal and estuarine environment. The marine renewable energy research concentrates on potential energy and environment impacts due to wind, wave and tidal energy devices.
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    Phone: +44 (0) 151 794 5242


Rob Poole

Dr Rob Poole

  • Together with collaborators at Cardiff University, I am investigating a model tidal stream device (0.5m diameter) both computationally and experimentally. Here at Liverpool we are using our high speed water channel to investigate the effects of non-uniform velocity profile and waves on the power and thrust coefficients of the model devices. In addition we are also mapping the local downstream turbulent wake using an acoustic Doppler velocimeter.
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    Phone: +44 (0) 151 794 4806


Ian Walkington

Dr Ian Walkington


Dimitry Shchukin

Prof Dimitry Shchkin

  • Research activities include the study of the non-equilibrated interfaces, development of composite hollow nanocontainers with controlled shell permeability for encapsulation of the energy-enriched materials, antifouling agents, corrosion inhibitors; development of nanocontainer-based feedback active surfaces for further application in active self-healing materials, catalysis and medicine; synthesis of nanomaterials with new properties in the ultrasonic cavitation zone, synthesis of amorphous nanocomposites with enhanced catalytic performance in non-equilibrated conditions at the cavitation interface.
  • Email:
    Phone: +44 (0) 151 795 2304



University of Southampton

Bakr Bahaj

Prof AbuBakr Bahaj


Luke Myers

Dr Luke Myers


Luke Blunden

Dr Luke Blunden


Tom Blackmore



Ocean University of China

Hongda Shi

Prof Hongda Shi

  • Prof. in the department of Marine Engineering, College of Engineering, Ocean University of China
  • Interest: Harbour, channel and coastal engineering. Principal research interests relate to the development and utilization of marine renewable energy. Recently conducted effective work, with a particular emphasis on wave energy converters.
  • PI in many important projects in marine energy, supported by National High Technology Research and Development Program, International S&T Cooperation Program, National Natural Science Foundation, etc.
  • Email:
    Phone: +86 532 6678 1949


Xueen Chen

Prof Xueen Chen

  • Prof. in Physical Oceanography, Department of Ocean Science at Ocean University of China
  • Interests: Coastal dynamics modelling; Data assimilation; Internal waves and ocean mixing; Ecosystem modelling; Sea-test technologies’ developing for oceanic instruments.
  • Email:
    Phone: +86 532 6678 2550


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